How Much Are Capital Gains Tax?

If you have recently sold an asset that you have owned for a time period of greater than 1 year, you have what is called a “long-term capital gain or loss.” If you would have sold an asset and received a gain or loss on the sale for a period less than one year you have a short-term capital gain/loss. 

How Much Is The Capital Gain Tax?

Generally, the long-term capital gain tax rate is 15%

The tax rate according to the IRS website for a long-term capital gain is generally no more than 15%. However, there a few exceptions:

  • Tax rate is 0% for a part or all of the gain if the taxpayer’s tax bracket is 10%-15%.
  • 20% tax rate on the capital gain if taxable income exceeds 39.6% ordinary tax rate.
  • Tax rates can be greater than 15% if selling 1202 qualified small business stock (up to 28%), selling collectibles (up to 28%), and any unrecaptured section 1250 real property (up to 25%).

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