Simply Accounting Review

Simply Accounting is a wonderful program for you to use for your small business on a daily basis and this Simply Accounting Review will show you why. Sage is the company that produced this software, along with Peachtree Complete Accounting. Simply Accounting is a Canadian product, but Sage offers a United States version, which uses both English and Spanish. The newest version of Simply Accounting has many improvements that were needed, compared to the previous one. This program has all modules needed for accounting and everything you will need to prepare for invoices and paying your bills on time.

Simply Accounting is extremely simple to implement in your small business. The menu screen shows large icons for different sections of the program, so you can easily navigate through the program. With a simple click of the mouse, you can easily navigate to whichever department would like. Unlike most programs, Simply Accounting has an exceptional help section. The help section will cover every topic you would need help with and has a search tool to locate certain subjects quickly. Also, Simply Accounting has a learning center that contains FAQs, online support, and multiple instructional videos.

Simply Accounting Review – Departments

Now, let’s take a look at the multiple departments in Sage’s Simply Accounting that you will need for your small business on a consistent basis. First off in the Simply Accounting review, we have the accounts payable section. Accounts payable allows you to process and make orders, invoices, and needed quotes. Also, it easily allows you to pay for invoices and incoming bills.

Next, in this Simply Accounting Review we have the payroll section. With Simply Accounting, you can easily manage your employees and their status with the company.simply accounting review Another great feature in this section is that you can set each employee at different pay periods. With a few clicks, you can set any employee you want to a twenty-six week or fifty-two week pay period.

Probably one of the most important sections in Simply Accounting is the Inventory section. You can quickly and painlessly search for an item in your inventory by the item number or SKU. You can even create grouped items and remove any unnecessary items from your inventory without having to delete your tracking history. Managing your stock is vital for your small business and this software makes it extremely easy.

One of the new updates that Simply Accounting has gained is the enhanced banking section. The Banking section will allow your small business to transfer revenue, pay bills, create deposits, and receive payments. Also, you can easily send reports to Microsoft Excel and print out your multiple deposit slips within minutes.

This new software can also convert saved data from past Simply Accounting versions that you have used. Quickbooks data can also be converted with Simply Accounting. This is exceptionally great for small businesses and takes out a lot of stress from lost or unusable data. Our Simply Accounting Review is one of the only ones to actually mention this wonderful feature that will come in handy many times.

Simply Accounting Review – Conclusion

Overall, Simply Accounting is a wonderful tool you and your business shouldn’t be without. It will help you manage everything for your business much easier and more efficiently. Not only does this accounting program have all the bells and whistles, it is also moderately priced. If you need your accounting software to switch between English and Spanish, then this is the software for you. This is one of the few accounting programs that can actually transition between the two languages. This Simply Accounting review deems this program a five out of five.

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